Our clients have the opportunity to speak with a trained veterinary professional 24/7, which ensures the best care for our patients.

We are pleased to partner with Smart.Vet to offer an after hours service for our clients to access a Registered Veterinary Technician anytime for advice and guidance for care.

The purpose is for you to speak with an RVT to figure out if you have a true medical emergency with your pet, or if an online telemedicine consultation with a Veterinarian would help your pet. The RVT will then help you book and access a Veterinary Emergency care facility, set up an online appointment, or confirm if it is reasonable to seek care with us when available.

Seek help online: Click Here.

Seek help by phone: 647-695-5411 (RVT 24/7 support phone line access)

Emergency Information

We will try to accommodate after hours emergencies; however, in the event that we are unavailable or already dealing with a current emergency, please immediately contact the following clinics:

Hamilton Region Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Approx 35 min from Cayuga

50 Dundurn Street South
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4W3

Burlington Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Approx 45 min from Cayuga

775 Woodview Rd
Burlington, ON
L7N 3S1

Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Approx 50 min from Cayuga

3300 Merrittville Hwy #1A
Thorold, ON
L2V 4Y6